Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to Blog Like a Pro

    2. Course Objectives

    1. What is a Blog?

    2. ​Choosing the Right Topic/Niche

    3. How Can Blogging be Profitable?

    4. Choosing a Domain Name That Gets Your Blog Noticed

    5. Choosing a Blog Name

    6. Starting to Write for Your First Blog

    7. Examples of Successful Blogs

    8. Deciding on a Platform

    9. Setting Up Your Blog Site

    10. Getting Your Own Host and Setting Your Blog Up Properly

    11. A Case Study

    12. Know Your Audience

    1. What to Write About

    2. Determining Your Blog Topics

    3. Writing for Your Blog

    4. Types of Blogs and Blog Posts

    5. Writing Sponsored Reviews

    6. Creating Amazing Content

    7. ​Creating Graphics and Images

    8. Brainstorming for Ideas

    9. Writer's Tools

    10. Keyword and Content Research

    11. Creating Viral Content for Your Blog

    12. Checking Your Blog Post for Plagiarism

    1. Guest Blogging, Forums and Comments

    1. Promoting Your Blog and Driving Traffic

    2. ​A Proven Blogging Strategy that Works in Any Niche

    1. Email Marketing for Your Blog

    2. ​The Basics of Email Marketing

    3. Overview of the Different Types of Emails

    4. Building Your Email LIst

    5. Autoresponders

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