Course curriculum

    1. Introdution to Facebook Ads

    2. Creating a New Ad Account

    3. Facebook Business Manager Introduction

    4. Two Factor Authentication

    5. Adding a New Facebook Business Page

    6. Page Permissions

    1. Welcome and Introduction to Facebook Ads

    2. Facebook Business Manager

    3. Setting up 2-Factor Authentication for Security

    4. Adding a Page to the Facebook Business Manager Account

    5. Creating an Ad Account in Facebook Business Manager

    6. Page Permissions and Details

    7. Facebook Ads Strategies and Goals

    8. How to Create Your Facebook Business Page Where You'll Be Running Ads

    9. Page Banner Setup

    10. Where to Get Unlimited Number of Images

    11. How to Set Up your Facebook Page Screen Name

    12. Facebook Page Call to Action Button and About Section

    13. Difference of Campaigns, Ad Sets, and Ads. Plus, Introduction to Experimenting

    14. Organizing My Music Page Ads to Build a Fan Base and Grow

    15. Campaign Goals and Choosing Your Campaign Type

    16. How to Add a Catalog of Products to Your Facebook Page

    17. Publishing Your Store on Your Facebook Page

    18. How to Create a Custom Conversion Event and a Tracking Pixel

    19. How I Created a Campaign with Multiple Ad Sets

    20. Narrowing Your Facebook Ad Targeting

    21. Budgets for Your Ads

    22. Narrowing Down Your Targeting and Expanding Experiments

    23. Running an Ad Directly to Your Product Catalog

    24. When to Not Run Facebook Ads

    25. Dangerous Ad Targeting Pitfall with a Real Example

    1. Facebook Marketing Introduction

    2. Facebook Page and Facebook Groups

    3. How the Facebook Algorithm Works

    4. How to Get More Engagement on Your Posts

    5. Promoting Your Business on Your Personal Profile without Alienating Everyone

    6. Facebooks Sales from Your Groups

    7. Facebook Sales From Using Other People's Groups

    8. Local Buy and Sell Groups

    9. Signing Up for a Buy Sell Group

    10. How to Post Products in a Buy Sell Group

    11. Results of Posting in a Buy Sell Group

    12. Making Your Facebook Content Visual

    1. Facebook Page Section Introduction

    2. Facebook Page Creation

    3. Your Facebook Profile Image

    4. Setting Up the About Section of Your Page

    5. About Facebook Shops

    6. Your Facebook Banner

    1. Facebook Blueprint Links

    1. Workbook

    2. Social Media Engagement Calendar

    3. Best Facebook Ads Templates by Traffic and Funnels

    4. Facebook Ads Cheat Sheet

About this course

  • 54 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content