Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing

    2. Introduction to Email Marketing

    3. What Is an Email List and Why Is It So Important?

    4. The Customer Value Journey

    5. Maximizing the Customer Value Journey

    1. ​The Basics of Email Marketing

    2. A Look at the Different Types of Emails

    3. Opt-in vs Non-Opt-in

    1. Your Customer Avatar

    2. Segmenting Your Email List

    1. The Sales Funnel Explained

    1. Types of Campaigns You'll Be Using

    2. Designing Your Email Strategy

    1. Overview of Autoresponders

    2. Understanding Autoresponder Software

    3. Creating Autoresponder Emails

    4. Sample Emails Series #1

    5. Sample Welcome Email

    6. Setting Up Your Autoresponder Software

About this course

  • 97 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content