Course curriculum

    1. Instagram Introduction

    2. How Does Instagram Work?

    3. Getting Started with Instagram

    4. Instagram Content Best Practices

    5. Photo Filters

    6. Familiarizing Yourself with the Instagram App

    7. The Value of Instagram

    8. Choose Your Niche

    1. Personalizing Your Instagram Profile Video Tutorial

    2. Optimizing Your Photos

    3. Optimizing Posts

    4. Get Targeted Followers

    5. Holding a Contest

    6. Instagram Ads

    7. Instagram Hashtags Video Tutorial

    1. Setting Your Goals with Instagram Marketing

    2. Marketing Your Channel

    3. Growing Your Audience

    4. Using Hashtags and Mentions

    5. Medium and Presentation

    6. Taking Better Pictures

    7. How to Succeed on Instagram Without Taking a Single Photo or Video

    8. Instagram Live, Stories, and More

    9. Ads and Promotions

    10. Integrating Instagram with Your Overall Marketing Strategy

    11. Monetizing Instagram

    12. Automated Posts

    1. Introduction to Instagram Marketing

    2. Types of Instagram Content

    3. Instagram Feed Algorithm

    4. The Discover Algorithm

    5. Instagram Reels

    6. Carousel Posts

    7. Instagram Stories

    8. Whom You Should Follow

    9. Five Thousand Followers

    10. Enabling Insights

    1. Introduction to Instagram Reels

    2. The Benefits of Creating Instagram Reels for your Business

    3. How to Create Engaging Instagram Reels

    4. Creating Your First Instagram Reel

    5. Content Ideas for Your Instagram Reel

    6. How to Promote Your Business with Instagram Reels

    7. Use Instagram Reels for Greater Exposure

    8. How to Assess the Performance of Your Instagram Reels

    9. Instagram Reels Best Practices

    10. Using TikTok Videos on Reels - How to Get Rid of Watermarks

    1. Quick Instagram Checklist

    2. Links to Help You Grow on Instagram

About this course

  • 50 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content